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Are you on the lookout for the most reliable marine insurance broker? Whether you own a boat, yacht or personal watercraft, there is only one place where you can get the most competitive boat insurance quote – Regional Insurance Professionals!

With decades of experience in insurance, financial planning and sailing, insurance and risk management is not just our profession but our all-consuming passion.

With a dedicated team of qualified and talented insurance experts, we seek to deliver the most comprehensive boat insurance products to our clients. Serving in Perth, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Joondalup and surrounding areas, we have earned the reputation of being one of the best marine insurance brokers.

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Explore wide-ranging marine insurance products

With flexible and easy premium payment options, we offer a comprehensive range of insurance products that cover:

Personal watercraft: Owning a watercraft is like owning a precious jewel! We understand that your watercraft is your most coveted treasure and have designed the perfect insurance solution options to meet various risks including:

• Replacement within two years from registration of your personal watercraft
• Repairs with genuine manufacturer parts
• Water inflow
• Standard liability cover
• Waterskier’s liability cover
• Personal accident insurance
• Transit cover for all of Australia
• Agreed Value
• Cover for lost keys

Runabout insurance: If you own a speedboat, fishing boat, wakeboard boat or tinnies, we, as the specialist boat insurance broker, have the ideal cover that is designed to give you great peace of mind:

• Equipment cover
• Standard legal liability
• Cover for lost keys
• Personal accident
• Agreed value
• Rim and Tyre cover
• Transit cover
• Waterskier’s liability

Yacht and catamaran insurance: We bring you a uniquely designed yacht and catamaran insurance cover that take care of every risk, while you derive maximum thrill and enjoyment! With our yacht insurance, you are fully protected against wide-ranging risks including sinking, collision, accidental damage or loss, fire, grounding, storm, vandalism, theft of accessories or equipment, damage or theft of personal effects in the yacht, damage to hull, spars or motors.

Our yacht insurance has these special features:

• Race cover at no extra cost
• Watersports equipment insurance up to $10,000
• Agreed value
• Reimbursement cover for yacht fee
• Entry fee cover for fishing tournaments
• Lost keys
• Agreed value
• Personal accident
• No deduction or depreciation on electrical or mechanical components claims for five years
• No excess for damage incurred when moored at regular berth

Houseboat insurance: We, at Regional Professional Insurance, have an in-depth understanding and experience with sailing and this is the reason why we are recognised as the best marine insurance broker in the regions we operate. Your houseboat defines your lifestyle and is the most precious commodity. We offer complete protection against:

• Damage or loss of personal effects in the houseboat
• Boating courses premium discount
• Agreed value
• No extra cost for damage incurred while houseboat is moored at regular berth
• Cover for damage or loss due to accident, collision, sinking, storm, fire or vandalism

Protect your most valuable possessions and enjoy your time on the water! Get in touch with us today to get one of the best boat insurance quotes.

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